FOSDR - The Flash Open Source Desktop Runtime

FOSDR is a cross-platform (Windows, OSX, Linux) open source alternative to Adobe AIR that has been introduced to the public for the first time at Flash on the Beach 2010. The goal of FOSDR is to simplify development and enable you to quickly implement new features that are currently not present in Adobe AIR.

FOSDR is based on Nokia Qt and is not released yet to the public. You can check out the FOTB Elevator Pitch Video for a sneek peak of what FOSDR can do. Follow me on twitter to keep up to date on this project.

If you have a second, make sure to fill out this poll to help shape the future of FOSDR.

Key Features

Currently, FOSDR has the following benefits over AIR:

  • No need for Code Signing Certificates.
  • Applications can run standalone (no runtime / installation required)
  • Application can pass arguments at startup.
  • Applications can communicate to consoles (stdout)
  • Run Applications as console-only applications or services.
  • Full Webkit Experience (Supports HTML5, Canvas, Webfonts etc.)

How to get in touch

How to get in contact or keep updated with FOSDR:

Just follow @_sandro on Twitter.

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