Tweetr - An AS3 Twitter API Implementation

Tweetr is a simple to use AS3 Twitter API Library. As of 1.0b3, the Library fully supports pinless OAuth.

Also included is a simple and easy to install PHP Proxy Class (requires PHP5) that allows the Tweetr API to be used for flash content that is supposed to be deployed on the web. Effectively circumventing the twitter crossdomain restrictions.

It also comes with a URL Shortener Class using and a URL Unshortener Class using

It's Open Source / Free as in Beer

The Library is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License. Either version 3 of the License or (at your option) any later version.

Or in other words: use it freely but don't blame me if something doesn't work :-P . Also, if you have anything meaningful that you have changed, that other people could profit from, why not commit it back to the project? Sound fair enough don't you think? ;-)

Help Free Speech

Spread the Proxy. Please read this link:

Support this Project

If you like the library, would like to show your appreciation for the free tweetr proxy or you would like to make sure i got enough coffee to keep coding, write tutorials or record screencasts, consider making a small donation (every buck makes a difference ;-)).


Want to see an example for Flex, AIR and a pure AS3 Project? Check out the Examples Page!

Video Tutorials

Like Videos? Tweetr haz videos! Check out the Video Tutorials on how to use Tweetr on the Wiki

What People have built using Tweetr

Curious to see what People have built using the Library? Check out the What People Built Page.

If you would like to have your Tweetr based Project added, contact: @_sandro

How to get in touch

How to get in contact or keep updated with Tweetr:

Just follow @_sandro on Twitter or visit the support board.

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